Part 2 of 2

It has been two years since Arianne left me. Believe me, those two years weren’t the best part of my life. Arianne’s picture still hang at my walls. Her books still left at the bookshelves. I dare not touch a single thing. Hoping that one day, she’ll come back and says ‘it’s all a mistake’. I know that it might not be the case.

Just as I was pouring some milk onto a glass, the doorbell rang. I made my way to the door and unlatched it. I was stunned. It was Arianne.

“Arianne?” I asked. Trying to be sure though I know it’s her.

“Hi Ben,” she answered. A smile crept out of her lips. Then she passed me an envelope. It was well-decorated and quite extravagant. Before I could open it, she said, “I’m getting married Ben.”

Those four words sent shiver down my spine. I’ve yet to move on and Arianne is already getting married?


“Already?”, managing a sentence after a few seconds of awkward moment. To think that the woman I still have feelings for is already getting married, is just unthinkable. To imagine that the woman I love is going to hold another man’s hand when she walks down the aisle is just unimaginable.

Trying to avoid answering my question, she said, “I see that you are still living here. Don’t you think of settling down?”

“How to settle down when I am watching you settling down?” I answered with a question. Arianne didn’t answer. She invited herself into the house. The house she left two years ago. She went straight to the kitchen and made two cups of coffee. Freshly brewed. Only she can do the coffee according to my desire. Only Arriane.

So while sipping the hot coffee, I tried to ask her exactly. What actually made up her mind to leave me two years ago? But before I can even open my mouth, Arianne started talking.

“You know, you look so calm now. So serene. Maybe, it was a good idea that I left you two years ago. You’ve changed.”

If only she knew how I am feeling right now.

“Ben, it’s not as if I intentionally left you two years ago. I just think that enough is enough. The beating, the drunken state of yours, the irresponsibility are just overwhelming for me.”

“But I’ve changed Arianne. Is there no way that you can accept me back in your life? In your heart? Can you cancel the wedding at least?” I bombarded her with questions. I reached out for her hand.

“Ben, you know there is no way I can cancel the wedding. I loved you once, Ben. But my heart is with my fiancé now. I hope you understand. You seriously need to move on, Ben.”

She let go of her hand from my hand, stood up and made way to the door. Just as cold as ice.

“Goodbye Ben. May you find happiness and may it be yours forever.”

At my last desperate attempt to make her stay, I cried to her, “If you take another step out of the door, I swear I will not come to your wedding.”

She turned around and said to me,” I know you won’t. It’s too painful right? I’m sorry.”

Not only was that the last time I saw her, it’s also the last time I’ve ever heard of her.

Moving on. If only I can.


duniaBatinku said...

Hi, jannah...
nice work...
currntly happening to me...
well, move on...
it's hard, but i think i can do it...

Jannah Binte Johari said...


Well, nobody ever said that moving on will ever be easy.
But once you've moved on, you'll never want to turn back :)